Mooer MVP1 Autuner


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Mooer MVP1 Autuner

This pedal is designed primarily for use with vocals, offering precise pitch correction and exceptional vocal enhancement functions without forgetting features of interest to guitarists.

Since the pedal focuses primarily on vocals, the device includes several functions specifically designed for microphone use. These include XLR input and output, as well as support for 48 V phantom power, ensuring support for dynamic and condenser microphones. However, AUTUNER also includes standard ¼” guitar inputs and outputs, as well as a convenient foot control to switch between mixed and single signals.

AUTUNER's pitch correction functions are extremely versatile. With an LED button, users can choose between flat, warm and bright vocal tones, each indicated by a different color. Once the tone is chosen, the 'correction' switch can be used to define the sensitivity of the pitch correction. Users can also hold down the left footswitch to activate the pitch correction's vocal synthesizer mode.

AUTUNER's versatility is especially evident with its built-in effect modules. The first of these is delay; the delay module can be controlled with its dedicated dial, with a choice of tape delay, digital delay, slapback delay, or bypass. The left foot pedal switch acts as a tap switch, which allows the user to determine the speed of the delay module.

Within AUTUNER there is also a reverb module. It too has a dedicated knob, which can be used to switch between room delay, hall delay, and plate delay. While the pedal's pitch correction functions are limited to vocals only, the delay and reverb modules ensure that the pedal has many dedicated functions to offer guitarists


  • Vocal pitch correction function with sensitivity switch
  • Vocal synthesizer mode that can be activated via footswitch
  • Three vocal tone equalization modes: flat, warm and bright
  • Four delay modes: tape, digital, slapback and OFF
  • Four reverb modes: room, hall, plate and OFF
  • Tap tempo footswitch to adjust the tempo of the delay
  • Bypass footswitch functionality to isolate vocal tone from effects
  • One “hidden” mode
  • LED button for tone control
  • Two output modes: mixed and individual
  • XLR input and output
  • 1/4″ input and output
  • 48V internal amplification
  • 48V phantom switch for condenser microphones
  • Line in switch for instruments and dynamic microphones
  • Dedicated gain control for microphone input
  • Ground/Lift switch
  • 9V DC power supply / 500mA absorption (power supply included)

EAN 6971889222040

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