Welcome to the lutherie department!

We provide luthery service on guitars (electric, acoustic, and classical), basses, ukuleles, violins, and stringed instruments.

Some work normally performed:

  • String changing
  • Frets polishing
  • Complete cleaning of the instrument
  • Basic setup (e.g., string change and truss rod adjustment on acoustic)
  • Advanced setup (ex: complete setup on floyd rose bridges, octave intonation)
  • Rectifying, recoronation and polishing of keys
  • Hardware upgrade and replacement (tuners, bridges, capo etc.)
  • Electronics upgrade and replacement (pickups, potentiometers, selectors etc.)
  • Minor modifications such as instalzione Strap Lock, Pickguard, additional potentiometers and switches

Also electronic repairs such as:

  • Valve change
  • Bias adjustment
  • Simple repairs on amplifiers
  • Minor work on analog effect pedals
  • Replacement of footswitches and LEDs on pedals

Please note: we do not perform repairs on digital equipment, but will refer you to the nearest service center

We also perform external woodwind repair service (polishing trumpets and saxophones, repairing dents, re-buckling) with a trusted technician.

How long does it take?
Timelines depend on the complexity of the work itself or the degree of wear and tear on the instrument. Logically on the day of delivery a redelivery date will be estimated based also on the queue of work in progress. We try to always calculate only the time strictly necessary for the repair, but unforeseen events may occur during the course of the work of which you will be promptly notified.

How much does it cost?
It depends on the complexity of the work, which we will only be able to determine accurately by observing the instrument on site, but contact us HERE and we will be happy to provide you with a free approximate estimate.