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This document provides detailed information about the use of cookies and similar technologies, how they are used by the Site and how to manage them.

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What are cookies?

Cookies are strings of text that websites visited by users (cd. Publishers, or "first parties") or different sites or web servers (cd. "third parties") place and store within the user's own terminal device, so that they are then retransmitted to the same sites on the next visit.

Cookies are used for different purposes: performing computer authentication, monitoring sessions, storing information about specific configurations regarding users accessing the server, storing preferences, or to facilitate the enjoyment of online content, such as keeping track of items in a shopping cart or information for filling out a computer form.

To learn more about cookies and how to manage or disable third-party or marketing/re-targeting cookies, you should visit:
How many types of cookies are there?

There are different types of cookies, with different characteristics and uses:
Technical cookies

are cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of the site and are used to carry out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the User to provide such service;
Functionality Cookies

allow an optimization of the visitability of the site by the User, remembering certain settings related to the access of the same (for example, language, login, browser, region);
Analytical Cookies

are cookies used to collect and analyze site traffic and usage. These cookies, while not identifying the user, allow, for example, to detect whether the same user returns to log in at different times. They also make it possible to monitor the system and improve its performance and usability. Deactivation of such cookies can be performed without any loss of functionality;
Profiling cookies

these are persistent cookies used to identify (anonymously and non-anonymously) your preferences and improve your browsing experience;
Third-party cookies (analytical and/or profiling)

these are cookies generated by organizations outside the Site, but integrated into parts of the Site page. Examples include Google "widgets" (e.g. Google Maps) or "social plugins" (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).
How does use cookies? uses technical/functional cookies to:

    make the use of the site easier and to better tailor the browsing experience to the interests and needs of each individual User;
    speed up Users' activities on, such as accessing their private area or viewing the latest searches made within the Site;
    compile statistics that allow you to monitor visits to the Site;
    understand how Users use such as to improve its structure, content, security, and navigability; and

These include:

session cookies, which expire when the browser is closed: they are mainly used to propose to the User the latest searches made;

Permanent cookies, which are used to allow the User not yet registered, with prior consent, to locate their location, to customize search proposals based on their location. This type of setting is stored by the User's browser;

Other permanent cookies are used to instruct the search engine, storing the number of searches performed by the current User, and causing a popup to appear with a summary of the self-set search filters.

Choosing to disable the cookies we employ may affect the User's experience while on may limit the use of certain features. also uses third-party cookies, both functional and analytical and profiling cookies aimed at marketing.

To see how Google uses personal information when consent is given on click on the following link: Google's Privacy & Terms site

Some third-party cookies are used to calculate statistics of access and navigation on (by way of example only: the number of daily visitors, the number of page views, the duration of such visits).

These cookies are made available and managed by Google Inc. through its Google Analytics service, which uses cookies that are deposited on the User's browser in order to allow to analyze how Users navigate within the Site.