Please note:
Trade in used musical instruments is only possible for residents of the European Union. We cannot handle non-EU instruments because of import taxes and customs fees.

Welcome, in this section you can send us information about the instruments you wish to sell or trade-in (Valid only for EU residents)

Proceed as follows:

  • Write to us HERE describing in detail exact model and features, highlighting any cosmetic and functional defects: for a quick evaluation see our conditions in the guide at the bottom.
    Please note: modifications to instruments are not always intended as a plus, items must be restorable to factory condition and possibly complete with original equipment.
  • Attach detailed, real-life, natural-light photos (no more than 5 representative).
    You will receive our non-binding evaluation, and if you accept it, you may send us your instrument carefully packaged: we will be relieved of any responsibility for damage resulting from transportation.
  • If the product -once received- matches your description we will send you a bill of sale to send back to us signed and complete with the F/R copy of your ID card.
  • You will then receive the agreed payment according to your request.

    Note: If the instrument does not conform to the photos or your description, we will make you a further proposal and you will be free to accept or decline it. In the latter case we will send it back to your home applying the following rates: 19€ including insurance up to 5kg, 39€ up to 10kg and 50€ over the threshold.

Mint condition

Items are completely blemish-free and have not been modified in any way.


When an item has been used, but only has minor cosmetic defects like minor surface level scratches, such as pick marks from regular use.

Very Good

Items with more cosmetic imperfections than Excellent, but are still in great condition overall. There may be some scratches, finish dings or buckle rash, but nothing that affects the playability or function of the gear.


Items that are in fine working order, but have significant cosmetic imperfections. A pedal with scratches and dents on its chassis, a guitar with some cracks in the binding, or an old snare drum with some corrosion on the lugs.


Items have various imperfections that impact the function of the item. Fair items aren’t broken, but have some minor functional issues. For example scratchy pots on an amp, or a playable guitar with dead spots in the upper register.


Poor condition items have clear functional problems that will generally require repair. For example a keyboard with lots of broken keys.


Includes instruments and other gear that simply do not work. It could be a guitar with an entirely broken neck, or a mixing board that won't power up.