Bedrock 1052 Combo 1000 Series 2x12 - EX DEMO

Ref B1052212
EX DEMO used for shop gigs. Brand endorsed by Joe Perry of Aerosmith
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Bedrock amps were in business from 1984 to 1997 The company started Making boutique amps in Nashua, NH and moved to Farmington, MA until it closed. Was founded and started by Brad Jeter (now jettergear) and Ron Pinto. These guys were into making TONE, not strutting pretty with the image-crowd. Bedrock used super-high quality componentry, far superior to any other manufacturer at the time, The MASSIVE trannies resulted in output and dynamics unmatched by competitors before or since - if you ain't played one, you dunno what yer missing!
Bedrock amps were used and endorsed by Joe Perry and are evident in the videos of their "PUMP' tour.


  • 60W
  • 2x6L6 Power Tubes
  • 12E100 100W Bedrock Speakers
  • Parallel Loop Mix control and on/off switch (footswitchable)
  • Individual Send/Return Volume controls
  • 4 Ohm internal Cabinet, 8 Ohm external Speaker out
  • Accutronics Reverb
  • Handcrafted in America
  • Non original 4 buttons Footswitch included, for channel switching and reverb
  • -€291.00