Callaham Strat Premium Upgrade Kit - Mexican Standard II



New Block for Fender Player MIM Strat and Fender Vintera Modified Strat.



Callaham Strat Mexican Standard II Premium Upgrade Kit

We are pleased to offer a new block for the Player and Vintera Modified Strat. These guitars were introduced in 2019. This is important: these guitars have been shipped with 1 of 2 bridges. You MUST check the bottom of your block to get the correct replacement. One bridge is the Ping bridge Made in China with PW29 stamped on the bottom. The other is Made in Mexico and has 3 distinct ejector circles on the bottom.

Our New block is for the new MIM 2 pivot bridge. It is designated as the Mexican Std II Block enhanced.

Our original Mexican Std Block enhanced replaces the Ping PW29 block. Again, you must check the bottom of your block before ordering.


  • Callaham Mexican Standard II Block enhanced
  • Callaham "64" Virtual pop-in trem arm & tip (Please Specify)
  • Callaham Vintage Stamped Steel "CG" Saddles for 2 1/16" spaced bridges with stainless steel screws & springs
  • 3 Stainless steel top plate screws
  • 4 Tremolo Springs
  • Allen Wrench
  • New