We offer several ways to purchase without sales tax. Check below which one you are eligible for

  • Italian companies: you pay 22% VAT and can collect it yourself.
  • Private within the EU: you pay 22% VAT and do not have to pay any import costs.
  • EU companies: you can buy without 22% VAT if you provide us with a valid, VAT registration number and if you ship the products to an EU shipping address outside of Italy. You are responsible for import taxes and duties.
    PS: Upon registering on our website, we will provide you with the price minus VAT before you make your purchase.
  • Anybody outside the EU: it is possible to buy without 22% VAT. You pay the import duties of your own country

Products manufactured in the US are also exempt from import duties/taxes if returned to the US. When clearing returned US goods through Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the importer must file CBP Form 3311 Declaration for Free Entry of Returned American Products.